Top 10 Favourite Films of All Time

Every year end, all of us at SCUM will get together to discuss the best movies we have watched for that year, and try to come up with a Top 10 list of sorts. But somehow or other, said list has never materialised due to lame excuses like dead pets or laptop drowning or passing out from the 317th tequila shot.

Well this year we finally managed to do it. But its not for the Top 10 Films for the year as we originally intended, but a Top 10 Favourite Films of All Time instead. Ok so we got distracted, but its still a list right?

Anyway here’s our fun list, in alphabetical order:


An American Werewolf in London (1981)

(submitted by Monkey Fist)

Sex, violence, humour and gore….seriously you can’t ask for more! Don’t forget to check out our tribute artwork to this film here.


Aurora (aka Vanishing Waves 2012)

(submitted by Menstrual Bazin)

Tarkovsky – Tsai Ming Liang + Vagina = Kristina Buozyte. Women not only write better sex scenes in books, they make better ones in movies too! Aurora proves you don’t need to get solemn and artsy to tackle profound existential issues of sex and death.



Autograph (2004 Cheran)

(submitted by Menstrual Bazin)

About all the shorties he loved before. Remade at least twice, Cheran’s original is a masterclass in chic-flicks for guys.



Baraka (1992)

(submitted by Mountain Monkey)

I was expecting a Mortal Kombat character to walk out. Then I realised I took the wrong drugs…



A Bout De Souffle (aka Breathless, 1960)

(submitted by Mountain Monkey)

The most stylish small-time thief in big-time trouble!

El Topo

El Topo (1970)

(submitted by Topo Sanchez)

The ultimate gunslinger facing off with the good, the bad and the bizarre.



Holy Mountain (1973)

(submitted by Topo Sanchez)

Whenever we need to find our direction in life, we watch this and realise we are better off lost!



Italian Job (1969)

(submitted by Topo Sanchez)

The biggest heist delivered by the tiniest cars. Still one of the best car chase scenes in movie history.



The Streetfighter (1974)

(submitted by Monkey Fist)

Balls to the wall action classic!


Talking Dick (aka จ..เจี๊ยว จ๊าว 2003)

(submitted by Menstrual Bazin)

The Perfect Teen sex comedy. We no longer care about “what women want”, this is about “what men (really) want”.

(Disclaimer: The other 3 SCUM members are pretty skeptical about this movie choice, the film poster itself looks pretty cocked up)

Anyway, that’s our list for Top 10 Favourite Films of All Time (2015). We are pretty sure we missed out a lot of other good films, but hey its the New Year, go have fun!

And let us know what’s your favourite film of all time!

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