Review: The Super Robot Red Baron (1973-1974)

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Review by Monkey Fist

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I finally got around to buying the DVD box set from! Back in the late 70s, I can still remember purchasing sporadic copies of this manga series from the neighbourhood bookstores.

The plot is pretty basic but seriously, that’s not exactly on top of my priority list when I bought this compilation. In the first episode we’re introduced to the evil President Devilar and his goons. Their main goal is to steal the robots and kidnap renowned scientists, all working towards the ultimate goal of world domination! Scientist Kenichiro Kurenai, foreseeing his capture, turns over his own super robot, Red Baron, to his younger brother Ken Kureinai. Ken is a member of SSI (Secret Science Investigation), a highly skilled team of scientists that practice ninjitsu (rriiggghhht! you’ll know what I mean when you check out the fight scenes), and uses Red Baron to aid the team in their efforts to stop Devilar from taking over the world. Like all Ultraman TV series, viewers get to see The Red Baron battling different robots on different terrains. The special effects aren’t great and the acting’s rather cheesy. But hey this DVD does bring back a lot of good memories. I’m still trying to get my hands on the follow-up series, Super Robot Mach Baron, though I don’t think it’s been released till date.

So if you are seeking for some of that classic vintage tokusatsu action, check this out!

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