Review: Riki Oh – The Story of Ricky (1991)

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Review by Monkey Fist

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The film is an adaption of the original Japanese manga and it’s a close second to Peter Jackson’s “Braindead” as the goriest film ever made! Rivers of blood will fill your screen and turn your guts! Over-the-top fight scenes and gore take precedence in this one and frankly, it’s so bad that it’s good!

riki punching stomach

Ricky Ho (Fan Siu-Wong, who’s also starred in Ip Man), a fearsome martial artist and former music student, is sentenced to 10 years in prison for manslaughter after killing a crime lord who was indirectly responsible for the death of his girlfriend Anne (Gloria Yip). The privatised prison’s run by corrupt staff and the warden’s inside team, the Gang of Four, are masters of different martial arts who use their superhuman abilities to keep the other inmates in line. However, when Ricky Ho shows up, he doesn’t like the state of affairs, and is determined to right the wrongs, no matter what it takes……with hilariously insane consequences!

riki exploding head

I’m pretty sure many of you out there have seen your fair share of gory flicks, but this one tops them all with its absurd special effects. Heads are smashed, stomachs are punched through, faces are skinned, limbs severed, at one point a guy tries to choke Ricky with his own intestines and a finale that’s so rich in fake blood that the lead actor reportedly took days to clean it off! The film is one wild roller coaster ride but it’s paced well and never feels tired. Honestly, many film pundits will simply write this one off as plain stupid, but seriously, this film’s targetted squarely at splatter fans. I personally define this as simply unforgettable! Unforgettably great, that is! For all its faults, Riki Oh never fails to entertain.


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