• Night of the Living SCUFF – August 2019

    Sword of the Stranger A young boy and his dog find themselves the target of the Ming: a foreign dynasty that will stop at nothing. One day, a

  • Night of the Living SCUFF – June 2019

    24 x 36: A Movie about Movie Posters The art of the movie poster has become something of a dying breed in the age of blockbusters and studio

  • Night of the Living SCUFF – April 2019

    This April, SCUM is paying tribute to one of the Masters of Horror, Tobe Hooper! We will be screening two of his unforgettable classics, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

  • Night of the Living SCUFF – Feb 2019

    The most excellent film to watch in 2019! Kicking off the new year, we are very excited to screen one of the most well-loved buddy comedy of all

  • Night of the Living SCUFF 2

    Night of the Living SCUFF is back! We will be featuring The Prodigal Son, widely touted as one of the best Kungfu movies ever made. It features two

Rude movie-goers, beware Hentai Kamen!

Rude movie-goers, beware Hentai Kamen!

Looks like our favourite panty-wearing-superhero has an important job to do in the cinemas! Hentai Kamen doesn’t just deal with rude movie-goers face-to-face, he does it crotch-to-face! Check it out here: (the video doesn’t seem to work, but the screenshots [...]

March 31, 2013 News

Gumnaam style!

Yes, we too, were led to this musical gem by following the Ghost World trail of crumbs. Stay tuned for our in-depth review of this film in the near future. Meanwhile, let’s revisit one of the awesomest and funnest musical [...]

March 29, 2013 Soundtracks

Hentai Kamen feature film

Hentai Kamen is a comedy manga that was released in the early 90s. It’s a story about a high school student who gets ’empowered’ when he wears a female underwear over his head, sorta like getting turbocharged, I guess. So [...]

March 29, 2013 News

It’s Alive!!…..Alive!!!

Finally! Like any awesome b-grade movie villain, SCUM is back from the grave! And we are bigger and badder than before! Mm..Mmua..Mmuahahaha…. This time round, SCUM Cinema will have plenty of original content covering reviews, movie primers, director tributes, cover [...]

March 29, 2013 News