It’s Alive!!…..Alive!!!


Finally! Like any awesome b-grade movie villain, SCUM is back from the grave! And we are bigger and badder than before! Mm..Mmua..Mmuahahaha….

This time round, SCUM Cinema will have plenty of original content covering reviews, movie primers, director tributes, cover artwork designs and hopefully score some screenings in the local neighbourhood!

So please stay tuned while we try to beef up the site content over the next few weeks.
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About The Author

SCUM stands for ‘Society for Cult & Underground Movies’. We are a film society focusing on the Bizarre and the Weird in reel life. From horror to humour, bollywood to b-grade, kult to kungfu, monster to manga, nothing is too taboo for our twisted minds. Aside from film reviews and whatnots, we hold free bi-monthly film screenings in the tiny island of Singapore. Keep any eye out for these screen gems…

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