Review: Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dracula and The Wolf Man (1973)

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Review by: Monkey Fist

SCUM Rating: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

The realm of Lucha Libre is a world unto itself and in Mexico, none are more heroic than Santo and Blue Demon, the greatest of the masked wrestlers who ventured into film! In this installment, they confront their toughest challenge yet, as Count Dracula and the Wolfman rise from their graves to torment the living! Frankly, if you decide to check out any of Santo’s films, just leave reality and logic at the doorstep. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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Santo and Blue Demon have no secret identities…they are basically masked all the time and when they are not rumbling in the ring, they are fighting crooks, robots, spies and monsters or simply playing a game of chess!

The film begins with Santo wrestling El Angel Blanco in a (strangely empty) arena and after a hard-fought victory over Angel, Santo’s called to the home of Professor Cristaldi, uncle of his current love interest, Lina. Cristaldi has just received a threatening note saying every member of his family is doomed. Centuries ago, an ancestor of Cristaldi vanquished Count Dracula and his servant the Wolfman with the help of a magic dagger. Before perishing, Dracula said he would return when the time is right to destroy all the Cristaldis! A bearded evil hunchback named Eric kidnaps Cristaldi, hangs him upside down over Dracula’s skeleton and slashes his throat. The drops of blood bring the suave Count back to life and also revive the Wolfman (Rufus Rex). This diabolical trio unleash a plot to eliminate the Cristaldis. Rufus will woo Laura Cristaldi (Lina’s sister) and then sacrifice her during a full moon to the powers of darkness. Laura’s young daughter will then be the next to fall, along with Lina.

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Santo engages the services of his wrestling chum Blue Demon (who has just won a match against Renato the Hippie) and the two embark on a wild and crazy adventure where they fight (complete with wrestling moves) not only a gang of thugs recruited by Eric, but a legion of vampire and werewolf slaves of Dracula and Rufus. The plot’s cheesy, the acting’s lame, the fight choreography’s literally non-existent BUT it is hilariously entertaining, especially with that strange organ soundtrack playing periodically in the background!

In conclusion, this is one of the more entertaining Lucha movies ever made and if you’ve never seen a Santo movie this is a great place to start!

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