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Review by Monkey Fist
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Back in ’89 when Donnie Wahlberg was busting the US “Pop” Charts, Donnie Yen was busting arses in Hong Kong cinema!! For all you martial arts fans out there, this is a gem not to be missed. The fight choreography is immaculate and tight. With Yuen Woo Ping as the director and fight choreographer and Donnie as one of the main action stars, you can’t really go wrong with this one!

in the line of duty 4 cynthia

The storyline’s pretty straight forward: cops vs drug dealers with a couple of plot twists. Cynthia Khan and Donnie Yen both play cops who must seek out and protect a dock worker (the actor is Yuen Woo Ping’s brother in real life) from the thugs. Although Cynthia’s supposed to be the main star of the film, Donnie gets quite a fair bit of screen time and pretty much steals the limelight. I personally thought his fight with John Salvitti was the best…..the moves and kicks were simply sublime. Unlike Iron Monkey, there’s no “wire-fu” in this one, the actors perform their own stunts & martial arts without the use of wires so you could actually witness how capable they are. Considering the fact that the film’s almost 25 years old, it still ranks as one of my top action flicks! So what are you waiting for? Go grab the DVD!

in the line of duty 4 jumping backthrust

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