Review: Aces Go Places 2 (1983)

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Review by: Monkey Fist

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Given that Aces Go Places Part 1 was a huge success, it was inevitable that this sequel came along! Aces Go Places 2 finds King Kong (Sam Hui) and Albert (Karl Maka) in deep trouble when they get framed for multiple robberies. It all starts when Black Glove had been ordered to get rid of our two heroes, who incidentally killed off his brother White Glove in Part 1. Black Glove, a.k.a Filthy Harry (looks like the Director’s a fan of Inspector Callahan) is played by some unknown Caucasian who spots an uncanny resemblance to Clint Eastwood! He even has the same stubble and costume that Eastwood wore in the Sergio Leone flicks. Anyways, King Kong is initially framed by some dame who uses him to rob a bank. Meanwhile, Albert is having difficulties with fiancée Inspector Ho (Sylvia Chang). When he helps King Kong clear his name, they both fall victim to the dame and her brother’s (Yasuaki Kurata) evil plans.

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Seriously, how this relates to the plot with Black Glove is unknown, but somehow they all seem to tie together, really. Our heroes simply barrel their way through the flick with nonsensical antics and overdone love triangles! Having said that, I actually had a ball watching it back in 1983 and again in 2011. I personally enjoyed this episode more than Part 1 and this is probably the fact that the Director Eric Tsang added more weaponary, in the form of robots, for this installment. Somehow, Part 3 didn’t quite cut it for me (I didn’t even bother catching the rest of the episodes), perhaps they were stretching it a bit too much and it felt like they were trying to squeeze whatever they could from this zany franchise! Regardless, if you are looking for some good ol’ Hong Kong comedy, check this out!

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