Review: The Batwoman (1968)

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Review by Monkey Fist

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Frankly I do not even know where to begin with this ultra-cheesy entry from Mexico!

This one’s released during the Batman craze back in the late 1960s. Somehow DC Comics didn’t sue for the use of the name. Perhaps it was because it was never really released in the United States! Anyways the plot revolves around a mad scientist (who else?) wanting to create a race of Gill Men. He uses the glands of wrestlers because they are supposedly “perfect”. Hey, don’t look at me, I didn’t write the script! Therefore when wrestlers start winding up dead all over Acapulco, guess who steps in to save the day?

batwoamn 1

Maura Monti plays The Batwoman. Her costume is most often a blue bikini that matches her cape, cowl, gloves and boots. She is well endowed and fills up the costume pretty well. Unfortunately this  isn’t enough to save the movie from being nasty. For those of you hoping that her skimpy outfit would give way during a fight, sorry, no such luck either! Things almost got up to the level of cheesy fun in the second half, with a mad scientist-made sea creature that resembles a 15-year old’s school art project running amok. Unfortunately in a dismal anti-climatic finale, Batwoman never fights the monster.

The only moments of interest are Batwoman parading around in her bikini or tights, offering some nice front and rear views! Aside from Maura’s skimpy outfit, this one’s not worth the time to watch by any standard. Seriously.

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