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Hold on tight, this is going to be naaastayyy! Duncan (Ken Marino) has stomach trouble.

Hold on tight, this is going to be naaastayyy! Duncan (Ken Marino) has stomach trouble.

I usually leave reviews of B-flicks to Monkey Fist, but at first glance, the plot for the comedy-horror Bad Milo seemed too good to pass by.

In a nutshell, the Milo in question is the same color and texture as the ‘Milo Dinosaur’ you’d be sipping on a scorching hot day in Singapore or Malaysia. But any other similarities to that tropical beverage ends there, cause the Milo in Bad Milo is quite literally one nasty piece of sh*t.

Not wanting to give too much of the plot away, Duncan (played by TV veteran, Ken Marino) works in a dubious investment firm run by Phil (Patrick Warburton, Elaine’s memorable boyfriend in Seinfeld). The pressure of his job and marital life plays havoc on Duncan’s stomach. But it turns out that the stomach pains are more than colossal cases of food poisoning as Duncan learns that people in his bad books are being mysteriously mauled and killed by a deadly ‘raccoon’ whenever he passes out.

Milo's unfortunate first victim

Milo’s unfortunate first victim

Clocking in at an hour and a half, Bad Milo is a well-paced and entertaining movie with a capable cast and good creature FX. Given the nature of the plot, the toilet humor is unavoidable, but it doesn’t get out of hand and I found myself enjoying the movie. While Bad Milo isn’t in the same comedy-horror league as Basket Case (1982) or Braindead (1992), it’s an entertaining and wacky first feature film for writer-director, Jacob Vaughan.

The picture and audio quality of Bad Milo on Blu-ray is solid, and comes with director and cast commentaries, outtakes and a couple of other extras. Bad Milo is available on Blu-ray now from Magnolia Pictures.

Milo and another victim

Milo and another victim


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